Blessing of the Cross

Although it wasn’t planned, we believe this “Blessing of the Cross” to be the divine intervention of Jesus Christ.

The Cross structure was completed in 2001, and the Cross Welcome Center and Chapel were dedicated in 2004. The Cross Welcome Center is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers from across local communities. A volunteer appreciation dinner is held annually to recognize these faithful volunteers, and oftentimes the dinner features some form of entertainment.

In 2012, local artist Perry Propst offered to create a large-scale painting (in under 10 minutes) during the appreciation dinner. The 6’x6’ painting of the crucified Jesus Christ was a striking image, yet we had no specific plan for the painting. Suggestions included raffling the painting among the volunteers, but it was determined few homes could accommodate such a large-scale masterpiece.

Thus, the painting was brought to the Cross Welcome Center and placed in storage. A few months later, some of the volunteers decided the best place to hang the painting was on the back wall of the Chapel in the Welcome Center.

It was several months later that another volunteer discovered the painting created an incredible imagery against the panes of the Chapel windows. During evening hours, Christ is reflected against the Chapel windows, superimposed across the view of the Cross. Conversely, during daylight hours, and from the outside, the Cross is reflected against the Chapel windows through which the painting is visible. Both perspectives reveal a striking image of the crucified Christ looking upon the Cross of His crucifixion.

What a beautiful and meaningful sight this “Blessing of the Cross” is to all who see it, and it’s our hope that it will inspire and empower you through your personal faith journey. We invite you to come inside the Chapel and view the painting in person.

View from outside the Welcome Center

View from inside the Chapel

Photos taken by Kathy Bengtson, friend of the Cross