About Us

Welcome to the Cross at the Crossroads!

The mission of the Cross is to share the Christian message of love, forgiveness, and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Soaring nearly 200 feet into the Midwestern sky, the Cross is viewed as a symbol of God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation. The open arms of the Cross, spanning 113 feet, are a welcoming sign to the approaching traveler, while the site on which it sits offers visitors an opportunity for thought, reflection, and prayer.

The Cross shines in the sunlight as a reminder of God’s love to millions of travelers and natives alike. In the night sky, the Cross is a true light to lead the world out of darkness.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Just as Jesus’ death is a triumph over sin, the Cross serves as a symbol of both suffering and triumph. Through His sacrifice on the Cross, Jesus offers salvation and the forgiveness of sin, providing hope and comfort to all who believe.

History of the Cross:

In 1997, the late John & Fran Schultz were inspired by a similar Cross in Groom, TX, and envisioned something comparable in their hometown of Effingham, IL. A group of faith-filled Christians was assembled to build a Cross and create an ecumenical site to promote the values of faith and family within the community. After securing land and researching building materials, construction of the Cross began in January of 2001.


To share the Christian message of love, forgiveness, hope, and eternal life through Jesus Christ, via the most universal symbol of Christianity – the Cross.


The Cross at the Crossroads was dedicated and permanently lighted on September 16, 2001. Just five days following the tragic events on 9/11. The dedication service drew over 2,500 people who were not only hurting from the brutal attack on our country, but who also were clinging to the only hope they knew – Jesus.

An Engineering Wonder:

  • Soaring nearly 200 feet into the sky
  • Spanning 113 feet
  • Sitting on an 8-acre campus in the heart of the Midwest
  • Offering visitors the opportunity to walk with Jesus, reflect, and pray
  • Inspiring 55,000+ people per day who are traveling via I57/70

Impact Beyond Measure:

It is estimated that 50,000+ interstate travelers pass by the Cross each day, with 20M+ annually. Tens of thousands of annual visitors stop to walk the grounds, to reflect on the majestic Cross, to visit the Welcome Center, and to pray in the Chapel.

Numerous community events are held at the Cross, and thousands of faith-filled Christians participate in annual gatherings including Good Friday Service, Easter Sunrise Service, Summer Concerts, Bible Studies, Blessing of the Bikes, Nativity Display, Christmas Open House, and more.

The Cross at the Crossroads campus is currently undergoing a major renovation to create a family destination, including a walking path; ten life-size bronze statues depicting important moments in Jesus’ life; band shell and outdoor restrooms; enlarged parking lot and handicap-accessible entry into the Welcome Center; and more!